Choosing a blog name

Choosing a blog name
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Choosing a name for your blog is something you should consider carefully, because the right name can make the difference between a successful blog and an unsuccessful one. I have to admit that choosing a blog name might not be as important as naming your firstborn child but as we all know, the name is almost everything. How to choose a blog name ?

First of all, there are some key elements you should keep in mind when you make the decision of choosing a blog name. I’m talking about the : branding, name length, topic relation, catchy and the last but not the least, search engines. Before choosing a blog name you should answer this questions : What is the topic of your blog ? What are your goals ? What tone will it be written in ? What kind of style will it represent? Who is it written for ? (audience)

Well, you’ve got the point. There are a few rules you should remember when you choose a blog name :

1. The name should reflect and describe your blog.

People usually are looking at the name of a blog and they can figure what the blog is about before having the chance to actually read it. A blog title should not be the owner’s name and the word blog. Do you know why ? Because a blog should have a name related to the topic and because it will be easier for visitors to remember the name of a blog if the subject or topic of the blog is in the name or title of the blog.

2. Easy to remember

I usually remember a blog name if it’s short, spelled correctly and related to the topic. If the blog name is too long, people won’t remember it and probably they won’t be telling other about it. And that’s not want you want, right ?

For example, you own a blog related to fitness and health advice, and you’ve named it “The Fitness and General Health Advice Blog”. I have to admit that it really is a full description of your blog, but the question is : would it be easy to remember ?

3. The blog’s name should be the same as the domain name

It’s another simple rule of classic blogging tips but i think people have forgotten it. Usually they ignore this rule, but we have to agree that if your domain name doesn’t match the blog name, you will definitely lose some readers. When people visit your blog, they will probably remember only the name of the blog. Let’s say they decide to revisit it after a couple of days, and they will type the name of your blog, followed by a dot com. Error! Your blog wasn’t found!