Comments Inside Comments To Make Commenting Better at Communicating

Comments Inside Comments To Make Commenting Better at Communicating
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Everyone likes to get comments. Getting them makes you feel like you’ve written something worth while. However, if you get comments, the layout can sometimes be a pain. Many comments get posted unrelated to the previous comment. Readers, even administrators, end up having to read through tons of other comments to find out what comment the other comment was related to. Did you follow that?

Say you make a comment. Then someone else comes along and comments on your comment. But in between their comment, someone else comes to the site and posts a comment on the comment before yours. That comment gets posted below yours, but isn’t really related to your comment. The comment after theirs is related to yours. You follow me now?

Reading through commenting areas like that can be a difficult task.

So without further ado, install WP Thread Comments or turn this plugin on inside your Plugin section of KansaiBlogger.

This plugin gives visitors the opportunity to reply to individual comments. The default WordPress setup automatically puts the newest comment at the end of the list. This plugin gives the user an option to reply to other’s comments so that their comment will be displayed directly beneath the previous comment.

It helps organize comments much better and rids people of the strain hunting for understanding.

Try posting a comment to one of the comments below to see just how this plugin works!