Some Important SEO Strategies

Some Important SEO Strategies
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If you would like your web page to be found more often in a search engine chances are you will do what everyone else is doing and shoot for some SEO strategies to help you out. SEO is not difficult but not easy either, there are some strict rules that you need to follow to rank well on the Search Engines. Many people say MSN is the easiest SE to rank for then comes Yahoo! and finally Google. If you are going to use SEO strategies for your web page you will need to focus on your keyword text. When using SEO strategies you have to put the exact keyword in the exact spelling in order for the search engine to pick up what you want it to pick up.

If you have 250 words in your text you will want to include at least 5% of it as the keyword. The problem with Google is that it values old pages too much, you can have a new very informative website but you will probably not be in the top 10 for your main keyword if it is a very competitive one. There are plenty of engines out there that you will be able to check your keyword density in, you can search for them by going to a search engine and typing in “keyword density checker.” You should always place the most important writing around the top of your article.

SEO takes time but it is fun and there are always new things to learn since the Search Engines change their algorithm once in a time, if you have a web page and you follow the SEO strategies you are sure to have more hits than ever to your web page, you just have to find the time and patience to write your own SEO articles, be sure to mention that word that you are aiming for in there a lot though and you should have no problem with your SEO.

Google is the most complicated one but I read somewhere, better you optimize for Google and the other two will follow. Most techniques mentioned in this article are free strategies that only require your time.