The Importance of a Good Header

The Importance of a Good Header
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First impressions are important – when you first see a city you’ve never been before, what do you notice? That’s right, the skyline. Similarly, the first thing you see in the newspaper is the headline and whenever you think of a TV show, you most likely think of the opening credits.

Everyone makes snap judgments about things based on this kind of the first impression. Websites are no exception; what you see first on a website is the header at the top of the page.

While this part of a web page doesn’t have any functionality per se, it is one of the most vital parts of any website. A header which has a professional appearance can help to capture the interest of readers – and the assumption is made that if the header is good, so is the content.
Your header does two things which are vital for your website. One is giving visitors an idea of what sort of content you have on your site. Secondly, it provides a measure of the quality of that content. A good header, at least in the minds of web surfers, equals quality content.

The header performs two basic functions on your website. It gives the viewer of it a quick overview of what your website is about, and it also provides an idea of the quality of your site.

A professional looking graphics header can work miracles for your websites traffic flow. Even if you don’t give it much thought once it’s up, your visitors will notice.
You may not realize exactly what is getting more traffic to your site and increasing the length of the stays of visitors to your site.

The fact that visitors stick around longer and come back more often will probably be chalked up to your content or another feature you’ve implemented on your site.