Easy Ways To Search Engine Optimise Any Web Site Rapidly

Easy Ways To Search Engine Optimise Any Web Site Rapidly
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Moving your web site up through the search engine ranks could be very easy. There are merely two simple steps to accomplish this, here we look at what you must do.

The first step to Search Engine Optimising any site is proper keyword research. There are a lot of tools around to help you to do this and the target is to find a few keywords that you stand a chance of easily optimising your web site for.

Step 1 – Find your keywords To do this, use tools for instance Google’s Keyword Selector tool to get a list of suitable keywords with visitors, then see which of these keywords you are currently appearing for somewhere in the results. Pick one or two of these keywords, maybe some those you are listed highest for, without being on the top page.

The theory of choosing these keywords The theory is straightforward. Work on those that you are already listing for (but not very well) as this shows the competition might not be too tremendous.

By the time the work has been done for those 1 or 2 keywords and you are listed on the top page of Google (being hopeful!), then the work will have had the side effect of moving your web site up for other keyword terms.

Review your list Perhaps once per month review the list and choose the targets for that month. This means that if a term is highly competitive you are not wasting your time on it forever and might switch more than to other terms that you are also seeing improvements on.

But the important question is, what is the magic work you need to do to get your website’s ranking improved?

Step 2 – Building back links Well there are ample of answers, but the easiest is a little bit of clever link building. If you are already appearing somewhere for the search terms then Google has already recognised your website as appropriate to the term and no on page work is probably needed. You might only concentrate on the off page work.

So look into different ways of building back links. Personally, I merely ignore links sites these days, but guest blogging, article writing, website commenting and other tricks all do work.

Social media for SEO? Unfortunately, Google has been strong with various social media networks that have high Page Ranks and insisted that they all “nofollow” the links they give to user’s web-sites. So whilst these sites might give you masses of links and maybe even visitors from readers, they are beyond doubt no good for SEO, at least not with the big web sites for example Google. They may be admirable for direct visitors, but that’s not what we are looking at here.