Monumental SEO Mistakes Made By Marketers

Monumental SEO Mistakes Made By Marketers
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SEO mistakes happen all the time to unsuspecting marketers who fall prey to common myths and misconceptions. We show some of these mistakes here in this article.

Leaving a lasting impression on your site visitors is important to your site’s success, you can achieve it with a professional site. Too many Internet marketers forget that just because the site looks neat doesn’t mean they are optimized to the best of their ability. Search engine spiders index only those sites that have text based content. Unreadable sites often contain flash that isn’t recognizable by search engines. You might impress your visitors with those flash based special effects, but what about the search engines? Flash doesn’t help in SEO at all. You should not use flash but instead use plain text or html to attract search engine traffic. Using well written script text on your HTML page will allow search engines to more accurately rank your site. Search engine indexing will not do you any good if they can’t read more than your homepage. Your efforts with SEO will be somewhat confusing at first but don’t give up it’s worth the effort. Avoid making these mistakes by staying informed about them. Not having a solid understanding the value of URL’s is a mistake. Your URL should be focused to increase your ranking. The highest value can be achieved by leveraging the usage of URl. That doesn’t mean that dynamic URLs don’t get ranked, they still do. Using keywords in your URL is a great way to see just how much the search engines are liking you. Don’t ignore the power of your keywords.

Researching your market will help you optimize your site better because you’ll gain keyword knowledge. Without doing the research you won’t know how to optimize your site effectively. For example, if your target market is “on-line auctions”, you should be aware about what’s happening this niche, what type of content people are looking for and the best keywords to target.

Keep in mind the importance of your SEO to search engines who rank your site.